Answer: temporarily, yes. A PX-4000 is on the left, a PX-5000 is in the middle, and a PX-6000 is on the right. The first number of their Serial Number that is stamped above the terminals: 4, 5, or 6, matches the first number in the Model number. All of these alternators have the same 4-wire connectors and single ground wire connectors. In an emergency, any one of the three could be substituted for another, but the PX-5000 and PX-6000 have special circuitry for special applications.

PX-4000 vs. PX-5000: The PX-5000 is designed for specific applications. It puts more voltage on the Field circuit to increase the alternator output. Alternators such as the PX-2R-5 use it. The "5" in PX-2R-"5", PX-2P-"5", PX-220R-"5", or PX-200P-"5" designate that the alternator is designed to use the PX-5000 regulator. A PX-4000 will work as a substitute but if the system is designed for a PX-4000, system amperage output will be reduced. It's not recommended to use a PX-5000 regulator on systems not designed for it.

PX-4000 vs. PX-6000: The PX-6000 is designed for specific PCM-controlled GM vehicles that require a specific reference voltage on the field wire. The PCM in these vehicles is looking for about 3.3 volts on the PennTex Blue Field wire with the key on. If the voltage is higher or lower, the PCM will set a fault code indicating a problem with the charging system. The PX-6000 will supply the correct voltage. A PX-4000 will supply about one-half of a volt less than battery voltage to the Blue Field wire with the key on. This is voltage is usually around 12 volts, and considerably higher than the 3.3 volts that the PCM is expecting. This "high" voltage will set a PCM code and turn the "Check Engine" light on. A PX-6000 can be substituted for a PX-4000 without any problem as a temporary replacement, but systems designed for a PX-4000 should have a PX-4000 replacement. NOTE: the PX-6000 uses a different wire harness in most cases than the PX-4000. The PX-6000 harness will have a Gray "Reference Wire" not included in the standard PX-4000 harness.

PX-5000 vs. PX-6000: These voltage regulators can be substituted for each other temporarily, but as in other regulator substitutions, the proper model should be used. The PX-5000 doesn't have the 3.3 volt reference voltage on the Field wire that the PX-6000 does, so the PCM will turn the "Check Engine"  on light on. The PX-6000 doesn't have the increased voltage on the Field wire that the PX-5000 does, so systems designed for a PX-5000 won't produce as much output as with a PX-5000.

PX-7000 vs. PX-4000, PX-5000, or PX-6000: The PX-7000 has a special connector that is different from all other PennTex regulators. No other PennTex regulator can plug in to that harness. The PX-7000 will not plug in to any PX-4000, PX-5000, or PX-6000 regulator harness.

PX-1000, PX-2000, PX-3000 vs. PX-4000: These regulators were all superseded by the PX-4000. The PX-1000, PX-2000 , and PX-3000 are all older designs and, if still working, will probably be fine. Any substitution rule that applies to the PX-4000 will apply to them.   

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