•••FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS••?span class="style3">click on them for info
•My new PX-5 Alternator has two positive posts and my old one had just one...(click here for drawings and information)
?/span>Does my PennTex alternator have an external regulator? (YES, they all do-click here)
?/a>What's the difference between a 4-step voltage and a Full-Field test? (click here)
?/span>Can I buy an alternator directly from PennTex? (click here)
?/a>Does PennTex sell alternators on the Internet? (click here)
•What alternator mount and case styles are available with PennTex Charging Systems? (click here)
?font color="#FFFFFF" class="style32">I have a Penntex Alternator Serial Number- where can I get the model number? (Click here- or call PennTex at 877-590-7366)
•What's the part number of just the alternator in a Charging System Kit? (Here's a list)
?/font>How do I test my 12-volt charging system? (click here) (ALL PennTex systems have external voltage regulators.)
?/font>Where is the nearest PennTex Warehouse Distributor where I can buy parts? (Here's a list.)
?/span>My vehicle has another companies charging system on it. How do I replace it with PennTex? (click here or call 877-590-7366)
?/span>What is the proper way to connect a PennTex regulator Red Voltage Sense Wire to a vehicle electrical system that has a Battery Isolator? (click here)
?/span> I've seen "Remanufactured PennTex" alternators for sale. Are they for real? (click here)
?What can happen if my serpentine drive belt slips? (click here)
?span class="style36">Where can I get a Warehouse Distributor/Stocking Service Distributor Map? (click here)
?/span>My 6.8L Gas Ford Van dies when slowing down or turning. The throttle body was just replaced on an older 6.8L V-10 or it's a new 2010-2011 E-Series van with a PennTex PX-5 alternator. The technical term is "Magnetic Interference". (click here)
?/a> How do I easily plug in a PX-2, PX-4G-5, PX-5 or PX-7 brush holder "T" Connector with Blue and Orange Wires? (Click here)
?a class="style6" href="Teardown4V220.pdf">How do I tear down a PX-4V-220 Series alternator? (Click here)
•How do I figure out which PX-4V-220 Series alternator I need for my GM vehicle? (Click here)
?span class="style32">Do you have a checklist that will help me get the correct PennTex Alternator for my vehicle? (click here)
?My bus has multiple A/C systems and two alternators. Can PennTex supply a charging system for it?(click here)
•What's the difference between a PX-2 alternator and a PX-5 alternator? (click here)
•Where is the PennTex Site Map? (click here)
?/span>How do PennTex alternators compare to other companies? (click here)
•My new PX-5 Alternator has two positive posts and my old one had just one...(click here for drawings and information)
?/span>What components come with each Alternator Kit? (click here)
?/span>How do I disassemble a PennTex PX-2/PX-4G/PX-5 Alternator? (click here) Short: Tear Down a PX-2/PX-4G-5/PX-5 in 1 Page
?/span>Where do I find a selection of PennTex product flyers? (click here)
?/font>Which model of PennTex Regulator do I have? (click here) What PennTex regulator can I replace it with? (click here)
•Can I get a list of fan spacers used in PX-2, PX-G and PX-5 alternators?  (click here)
•I don't know the part numbers of some High Idler parts that I need... (click here)
?/font>What is the PennTex 12-volt Warranty Procedure? (click here.) What is the PennTex PX-833 OEM Warranty Procedure? (click here.)
?/span>Does PennTex have a High-Idler Kit to fit my vehicle? (click here)
?/font>How do I install my PennTex Alternator? (click here)
?/font>How can I figure out my alternator rotor RPM? (Pulley Ratio Chart)
?/font>How do I full-field a PennTex Alternator? (click here)
?/span>How do I test a PX-833 Alternator? (click here)
?/font>How do I test my High Idler? (click here)
?/font>My 7.3 diesel alternator Model PX-5TD hits a glow plug relay and my Model PX-5T didn't. (click here)
?/strong>Can I get a replacement "T" Plug and pigtail harness for my (some models) PX-2, 4, or 5 alternator? (click here)
•What is PCM Code P1638 and P0622 on GM vehicles with a PennTex Charging System? (click here)
•Where are High Idler Installation Instructions? (click here)
?a href="PX-2534brgtlin.pdf">Info on a PX-2534 Rear Bearing Installation Tool For PX-2/4G-5/5/7
•Info on a PX-5806 Bracket Kit  for a PX-5T6C and PX-5T-12 Series
?span style="text-decoration: none" class="style34">What's the difference between a 12-Volt Charging System and a 14-Volt Charging System?
?/span>Didn't find the answer to your question? Call us at 877-590-7366 or Email us.
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