Generic PennTex Industries Wiring Diagrams Listed by Model

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PX-1 12-Volt Alternator with 1 battery and no welder (no longer in production).
PX-212 (120-Amp) 24-Volt Alternator Kits.
PX-2, PX-4G-5 12-Volt Alternators.
PX-2, 4G-5 12-Volt Alternator, PX-5000 Regulator with two batteries.
PX-2, PX-4G, or PX-5 Single Positive Post 12-Volt with a Battery Isolator.
PX-2 12-Volt Alternator with a PX-7000 Voltage Regulator.
PX-2 & PX-3 12-Volt Systems for Pierce Manufacturing.
PX-320S and PX-325S 12-Volt Alternator Kits.
PX-328S and PX-330S 12-Volt Alternator Kits.
PX-412JM  24-Volt Alternator and Regulator.
PX-420G-5 12-Volt Alternator Kit and Regulator.
PX-421JM !2-Volt Alternator Kit and PX-4000 Regulator.
PX-421V (PX-4V-210 Alternator) 12-Volt Alternator Kit and PX-4000 Regulator.
PX-422V 12-Volt Alternator Kit for GM 6.0L, 6.6L & 8.1L w/ PX-6000 regulator.
Important PX-422V Ordering Information.
PX-520-525RDC 12-Volt Dual Positive Post Alternator with PX-7000 Regulator.
PX-5GD, PX-5PD, PX-5TD, and PX-5RD 12-Volt Dual Positive Post Alternators.
PX-5TD, PX-5RD, PX-5GD 12-Volt Dual Positive Post Alternators w/ Isolator.
PX-512RH 24-Volt Hybrid Alternator.
PX-5 12-Volt Install w/Ford E series Van 6.0L and A1-0047 Bracket.
PX-5 12-Volt Single Positive Post w/PX-4000 Regulator and info on single/dual post identification and differences.
PX-5806 Bracket Installation.
PX-6 12-Volt Alternator with PX-5000 regulator.
PX-614SH 24-Volt Alternator Kit with PX-4000-4 Regulator.
PX-6SF & QF 12-Volt Alternator with PX-5000 Regulator.
PX-616 & 619 24-Volt with PX-4024 Regulator.
75-Volt Alternator Kits normally used for heated windshields.
PX-833 24-Volt Installation Instructions.
-PennTex Voltage Regulator Ground Connection Update for Pre-2007 Systems.
-Voltage Regulator Identification.
-List of wire harness part numbers in each PennTex Charging System Kit.
-PennTex Specialty Regulators.
-Replacement "T"-Plug and Pigtail for some PX-2, PX-4 & PX-5 Alternators.
-PX-2534 Rear Bearing Installation Tool Instructions.
-PennTex Charging System Monitor Instructions.
-PX-8990 "6.0L Heater Hose Clamp Kit".
-Installing a High Idler Cable.

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