PX-220-5 Series 12-Volt/ 200 Amps

PX-2P-5 PX-2T-5 PX-2R-5

This series puts out 95 amps at 2000 rotor RPM (Cold SAE rating)  

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PX-2 Series Special Features:

5/16" ground & battery post.

Heavy duty hand wound high output stator.

Heavy duty long life brushes.

Heavy duty rotor individually balanced by PennTex.

Heavy duty bearings with high temperature seals and grease.

Twelve (12) press fit 60-amp diodes.

Heat sinks designed for efficient cooling.

Specially designed patented heavy duty regulator.

Regulator has ground fault protection and high voltage protection.

GXL wire is standard in all harnesses.

Standard OEM belt can be used in most applications.

Standard OEM mounting - no brackets needed in most applications.

Available in 24-Volt/120-Amps as the PX-212 System.

Weight: approximately 20 lbs.


200/170 AMPS

Model PX-220-5 Tested and Proven

Rotor RPM

Amps @ 13.5 volts

Cold (SAE)

Hot (200 F)

1800 70 60
2000 95 80
2250 115 95
2500 135 115
2750 145 120
3000 155 130
3500 170 140
4000 175 145
4500 180 150
5000 185 155
5500 190 160
6000 200 170

The PX-2R-5 and PX-2R-5T both have 8mm mounting bolt holes. The PX-2R-5A that mounts on a bracket has 7/16" mounting bolt holes.

Some other PX-2 Series models include the PX-2P2-5 & PX-2TF-5. 

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regulator.jpg (5856 bytes)

A PX-2 uses Voltage Regulator

Model PX-5000 in some applications.

Patent # US6541943B1

Some 2009-up Ford PennTex PX-2 applications require a PX-7000 Voltage Regulator and applicable wiring harness to interface with the vehicle PCM. See our Application Guide for information.


Any 2002-back Ford 4.6 V-8 engine that has had the intake coolant crossover pipe upgraded will require a PennTex alternator part number PX-220RL-5T.


To figure out the rotor RPM on your vehicle click HERE.

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