High Output Alternators: PX-4V-220 Series


PennTex PX-4V-220 Alternator

PX-4V-220 Brochure

PX-4V-220 Output Post Positions: 2 o'clock on left, 10 o'clock, & 4 o'clock on right.(8 o'clock also available)  2, 4, 8, & 10 are the alignment of the front housing to the rear housing - not the post position as mounted on the engine.

PX-4V-220-10 is the standard configuration.

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The PX-6000 Regulator is

used with the PX-422V.

12 Volts 220/180 Amps

Model PX-422V Tested and Proven

Rotor RPM

Amps @ 13.5 volts

Cold (SAE)

Hot (200F)

1800 80 65
2000 110 90
2250 130 110
2500 150 125
2750 160 130
3000 175 145
3500 190 155
4000 200 165
4500 210 175
5000 220 180

Special Features:

The PX-4V-220 is a drop-in upgrade for the 2005-Up GM C3500 to C5500 chassis with a gas or diesel engine. It supersedes the PX-4G-5 and the PX-4DV model in some applications. Our system has a plug-in harness in most cases and is rated at 14 volts, 220 amps maximum output. There are 6 high temperature 60-amp positive diodes and 6 high temperature 60-amp negative diodes for superior cooling by increased rectification and larger heat sink area. Each rotor is machine balanced by PennTex.

  • 5/16" positive output post.

  • 90-110 Amps output at idle.

  • Heavy duty hand-wound high output stator.

  • Heavy duty bearings with high temperature seals and grease.

  • Twelve (12) press-fit 60-amp diodes.

  • High temperature rectifier with excellent airflow.

  • Specially designed heavy duty external voltage regulator.

  • Regulator has ground fault and high voltage protection.

  • GXL wire is standard in all harnesses.

  • Utilizes OEM mounting configurations and OEM belt - when no auxiliary bracketry is used.

  • Weight: approximately 17 pounds.

How to determine which PX-4V-220 alternator model you need
Alternator Dimensional Drawing

Alternator Application Guide

Printable PX-422V Brochure

Tear down a PX-4V-220 Series alternator

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