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PennTex Industries, Inc. Web Site Map
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12-Volt Charging Systems PX-2 Series Systems PENNTEX PARTS CATALOG (Below)
24-Volt Charging Systems PX-3 Series Systems Table of Contents
75-Volt Charging Systems PX-4 Series Systems PX-2 Parts
Acrobat Reader PX-4V-220 Systems/Parts PX-3 Parts
About Us PX-5 Series Systems PX-4 Parts
Air-Cooled 50DN Conversion Kits -
PX-6 Series Systems PX-5 Parts
Alternators, PennTex PX-7 Series Systems PX-6 Parts
Alternator Assemblies List PX-8 Series Systems PX-7 Parts
Alternator Flyers PX-9 75-Volt Series Systems PX-8 Parts
Alternator Checklist, To Match Charging System to Vehicle Alternator Wiring Diagrams PX-8 BCK Parts
Alternator Comparison: PX-422V   Fan Photos
Alternator Comparison: PX-5   Bearing Photos
Alternator Disassembly (PX-2, PX-4G-5, PX-5, PX-7: Short Version, Long Version.   Heat Sink Photos
Alternator Housing/Case Styles   Pulley Photos
Alternator Kit/ Alternator Part Numbers   Bracket Kit Photos
Alternator Kit/ Alternator / Regulator / Harness Part Numbers   Brush Holder Photos
Alternator Selection Help Checklist   Alternator/Alt. Kit List
Alternator Serial Number to Model Number Lists   Parts Sold in Multiples
Alternator-Which PX-4V-220 model?   Current Parts Drawings & Parts Lists
Application Guide: Alternators    
Application Guide: High Idlers    
Assemble a PX-2, PX-4G-5, PX-5 or PX-7 - Short Version
Battery Isolator & Red Sense Wire Connection
Belt Tensioner, Loose, Results
Brady C. Lucas Golf Outing - Fight Leukemia
Brush Holder "T" Connector Installation Tips
Brushes, Replace, PX-2, PX-4G-5, PX-5, PX-7
Cable Support Clamp Kits, PX-8
Catalog Sections & PennTex Parts  
Certified Reman Distributors (CRD), PX-8
Certified Reman Distributors Definition, PX-8
Charging System Monitors
Charging System Monitor Flyer
Charging System Tests
Checklist, Alternator Order, Generic
Claim Form, Warranty, fill-in-the-blank
Clocking , Output Post, PX-4V-220
Connectors, PennTex Harness Alternator and Regulator
Contact Us    
Differences Between a PX-2, PX-4G-5, PX-5, & PX-7
Diode Information, Positive & Negative. PennTex
Dimensional Drawings, Alternators  
Disassemble a PennTex PX-2, PX-4G-5, PX-5, or PX-7 Alternator: Short Version, Long Version.  
Distributors, Alphabetical Company List
Distributors listed by State
Distributor, Definition of a PennTex
Fan Guard for Ford Tangent Mount alternators and PX-2T, PX-5T, PX-5TD, PX6
Fan/Pulley Spacer List PX-2, PX-4G-5, PX-5
Fan Spacer List- PX-2,4,5
Fax Numbers For PennTex Industries, Inc.
Ford, 2009 and up Voltage Tests
Ford 6.8L V-10 Van dies at stops & going around corners (magnetic interference)
Four Step Charging System Tests
4-Step & Full-Field Test Differences and Info
Frequently Asked Questions
Full Field Tests    
Golf Outing, Brady C. Lucas: Fight Leukemia    
Guard, Fan, Ford Tangent Mount alternator, & PX-2T, PX-5T, PX5TD, PX6.
Harness Connectors, Common PennTex Alternator and Regulator
Harness, Charging System, Schematic list  
Harness, Wire, Charging System - List of applications
Harness Photos, Charging System - click on harness part number
Harness Pigtail Adapters  
Heater Hose Support Clamp Kit (for PX-5)
Heat Sink Evolution, PennTex PX-2, PX-4, PX-5, PX-7
High Idler Flyer    
High Idler Instructions  
High Idler Systems  
High Idler System Parts Photos
High Idler Parts Photo:PI-1039 / 2005-2008 6.8L V-10 Drive-by-Wire System
High Idler Testing  
Home Page    
Housing Styles, Alternator  
How to disassemble a PennTex PX-2, PX-4G-5, PX-5, or PX-7 Alternator: Short Version, Long Version.
Isolator: Red Sense Wire Connection
List of what PennTex Alternator comes in a Complete Kit
List of what PennTex alternator, regulator & harness comes in a Complete Kit
List of what PennTex harness part number comes in a Complete Kit with links to photos of each harness
List of Parts Sold Only in Multiples
List of Vehicle Questions to help purchase the correct PennTex Charging System
Leukemia, Fight it: Participate in or Sponsor the Brady C. Lucas Golf Outing
Manufacturers Limited Warranty  
Manufacturing Plant Photos  
Map of Distributors  
Military/Specialty Alternators  
Motor Coach & Transit Products  
Mounting Styles, Alternator  
Parts Catalog    
Parts- PennTex Warehouse Distributors
Parts Not Sold Individually List
PCM Codes 1638 & PO622
PennTex Warranty Claim Form, download with fill-in-the-blank lines
Phone Numbers for PennTex Industries, Inc.
Photos of Charging System Installations
Photos of the Manufacturing Plant
Pigtails, Harness Adapter  
Post, Output, Location, PX-4V-220 / PX422V
Pulley Ratio Chart  
PX-2, PX-4G-5, PX-5 & PX-7 "T" Connector Installation Tips  
PX-2534 Rear Bearing Tool: PX-2, PX-4G-5, PX-5, PX-7  
PX-5RD: Assemble the rear housing from scratch
PX-5RD: Install the stator assembly from scratch  
PX-7010 Throttle Position Sensor Shield  
Rear Bearing, Remove & Install Info: PX-2, PX-4G, PX-5 & PX-7  
Rear Housing Assembly, Upgrade: PX-2, PX-4G, PX-5 & PX-7  
Regulators, Voltage  
Regulator, Substitute other PennTex model.
Remanufactured PennTex Info  
Repair Harness Connector Pigtails  
Schematics, Wiring Harness  
Sense Wire (Red Sense Wire) Connection to Battery Isolator  
Serpentine Belt, Loose  
Service Centers  
Serial Number Lists by Year  
Seventy-five Volt/ 14-Amp Alternator  
Shipping Weights    
Spacer List, PennTex Fans & Pulley  
Shuttle Bus & Para Transit Products  
Stocking Service Distributors  
Stocking Service Distributor Definition  
Substitute another PennTex Regulator model?  
Support Clamp Kit: PX-8 Cables  
T-Connector Installation Tips: PX-2, PX-4G-5, PX-5, PX-7 at Brush Holder  
Tach Feed Connections on PX-4000 & PX-5000 Regulators  
Tear Down a PX-2, PX-4G-5, PX-5, PX-7: Short Version, Long Version  
Technical Information    
Testing, Charging System  
Voltage Regulators    
Voltage Tests    
Warehouse Distributors    
Warranty Claim Form for download with fill-in-the-blank lines
Warranty: How Does It Get Done?
Warranty Procedure    
Warranty Registration    
Wire Harness List    
Wiring Schematics