RE: Ford 6.8L E-series cutaway bus chassis with PennTex charging systems.

Bulletin date: Sept. 3, 2010    Information and Bulletins

Service Issue: 6.8L V-10 stalling out at idle or when decelerating to a stop with PX-5 alternator.

Ford E-series Throttle Body replacements that include a new Throttle Position Sensor may cure a drivability problem, but on vehicles with a PennTex heavy-duty high amperage alternator already installed a new problem may occur that makes the throttle body change seem ineffective.


There are two styles of throttle position sensors: Potentiometer and Hall-effect. Ford has been using a potentiometer style TPS sensor in the E-series until recently when they changed to a Hall-effect style, which determines throttle plate angle by sensing the rotary angle of a small internal permanent magnet.

The old style triangular-shaped potentiometer TPS is immune to magnetic fields. A rectangular-shaped Hall-effect TPS can be affected by external magnetic fields unless it is properly shielded. Alternators always produce magnetic fields when energized and if a heavy-duty high amperage alternator like a PennTex is mounted close to a rectangular-shaped Hall-effect TPS, the sensor will pick up the magnetic field the alternator is producing.

This interference problem initially started occurring in 2010 Ford E-series Super Duty van chassis with the 6.8L gas engine and a new PX-5 Series PennTex alternator install. However, it will also occur on an earlier model year Ford 6.8L gas engine chassis that's had a recent throttle-body replacement.

The new throttle-body comes with a magnetic-style Hall-effect TPS. A vehicle drivability problem in the older vehicle may have been corrected by replacing the throttle-body. But, because of the alternator magnetic interference with the new unshielded magnetic TPS, the drivability problem is now changed to "dies at idle or when decelerating to a stop".

Replacing one rectangular magnetic TPS with another rectangular magnetic TPS won't change anything.


If a new vehicle with a Penntex charging system (or an older vehicle with a new sensor replacement) is stalling out at idle or when decelerating to a stop, disable the PennTex alternator from charging by disconnecting the regulator harness plug from the regulator (for info click here.) If the vehicle will run properly after disabling the charging system, this can confirm that the magnetic interference is causing the problem. (This assumes that no other drivability problems exist at the time of the test.)


TPS sensors on 2010-up vehicles with a PX-5 or PX-7 Series alternator will need a magnetic shield applied. PennTex has a TPS Sensor Shield available that covers the Hall-effect style TPS and protects it from the alternator magnetic field: Part Number PX-7011. It quickly installs with double-sided tape that is already applied to the shield. The shield is designed for the rectangular-style TPS only, as the triangular-style TPS is not affected by magnetic interference. The PX-7011 Shield kit is available from PennTex Distributors by clicking here.

 If the replacement TPS is spring-loaded it's the older style potentiometer TPS that's immune to interference. If the inside portion that fits on the throttle shaft just spins freely, it's the magnetic style that requires the PX-7011 Sensor Shield.

Note: The PX-7011 Shield kit installs with tape. A TPS Shield that can be installed with RTV as the adhesive is available as Part Number PX-7010. The PX-7011 kit is faster and less messy to install.

PX-7011 Sensor Shield information with PennTex and Ford Bulletins

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