Charging System Tests
12-Volt 4-Step Charging System General Information
Charging System Installation / Wiring Schematics
24-Volt Charging System Test
High Idler Testing
PCM Code P1638 and P0622 on GM Vehicles With a PennTex Charging System
Charging System Monitor Test
Troubleshooting Tips for PX-4000, 5000 & 6000 Charging Systems
Modify the harness ground on 2007-back PX-4000 & PX-5000 regulators
Ford 6.8 Stalls with PennTex Alternator and Hall-effect TPS / Tech Bulletin
Testing a mechanical High Idler
Adjusting a PennTex High Idler
Removing a High Idler cable
High Idler Replacement Parts
PX-833 Charging System Test
PennTex "Load Test Analysis" (determine the total amperage draw of your vehicle)
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